RFID Blocking Card Protects your Whole Wallet from Identity Theft

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RFID Protected Wallets - Protects from Identity Theft

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Best Protection from Identity Theft

Our RFID Shield Card uses the latest technology of e-jamming chip and an amplifier that protects all your cards in your wallet from unauthorized access and theft of information & money.

This is an ideal way to protect the wallet you already have from identity theft and at an attractive price too.

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"The Secured Sphere RFID Blocking Card will actively block scanners that are used for stealing information in order to help consumers feel more secure when going about their daily routine. The card is crafted with high-quality materials to help enhance its lifespan." Trendhunter.com

"Slim, small, and effective, the RFID Shielding Card can easily be inserted into a wallet or purse alongside other daily cards to provide around the clock protection in the digital age. The RFID Shielding Card has a built-in antenna that uses incoming signals to power its latest (technology) e-jamming chip." Digitaljournal.com

Latest Technology in RFID E-Jamming in your Wallet protecting your money & information

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The latest Technology in RFID protection to your cards - Protect yourself from Identity Theft

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RFID Shield Card

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Our wallets incorporate top graded Faraday Fabrics to give you the ultimate protection, and are made of premium leather and craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

Double RFID Protection to Secure Your Cards

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Slim and Durable with Double RFID Protection

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Slim & Soft Leather RFID Protection in your Pocket

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Bringing you the best protection to your devices

The growing use of technology and the use of digital devices in our lives create two factors to protect from: digital theft and being tracked.

We aim to bring you the freedom to add a layer of digital privacy control in your everyday life without requiring any change to your lifestyle.

Our RFID Shield Card contains the latest technology e-jamming chip and provides the strongest protection to the wallet you own.