Equality & Culture

As a company in the Third Millennium we promote a culture of equality to all. There are so many titles, categories, spectrums, and it makes sense for us just to treat human-beings as human-beings. So, we care about everyone when we employ, speak or sell to, or deal on a daily basis. We will treat everyone equally:

  • Regardless of your gender identity. Our site is written in gender neutral terms (please let us know if you find the contrary).
  • We make use of an Accessibility tool on our website and will strive to be ADA and WCAG compliant. 
  • Regardless of whatever spectrum the medical world categorizes you in we would love to hear from you and assist in any possible way.
  • Regardless of medical condition. That includes hiring suitable employees who are pregnant too!


To make it as simple as possible our "Equality & Culture"* is -

If You Are Human and Alive

*We decided not to call it a "policy" because it should be a "Culture" and a way of life.

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