Card Holders - Now What?

Congratulations! You got our RFID Shield Card!

Whether you bought our Card or got it from a family member or a friend who cares a lot about your privacy, here you will find the information about the next steps.

Now you can place the Card inside your wallet and enjoy the protection for your credit cards and other smartcards that contain an RFID chip. The Card contains an e-jamming chip and an amplifier to provide extended radius of protection (3.1" or 8 cm) and will be effective even in large and long wallets with no need for a battery or any maintenance. 

Before you place it in your wallet, have a look at the back of it. You will notice a unique code - SSID.

Your SSID code is unique. You are encouraged to Create Account and enter the Code in the designated field so we could keep you updated as a unique customer. 

In the future when you make any purchase you can use this code as Discount Code on checkout page to receive 10% discount. The discount will be on top of any other promotion we will have at any time. 

We welcome you to send us an email with feedback or any question you may have. It would be great to hear from you!! Please email to

You will also receive special updates about upcoming products and our Patent that is designed to give you the freedom to add a layer of digital privacy control to your everyday life without requiring any change your lifestyle. 

We truly hope you enjoy being part of Secured Sphere and be part of our journey.