RFID Theft, Skimming - How it's done, and solutions

Introduction to RFID Identity theft, Skimming, and Shielding

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Since the advent of the internet, cybercrime has been on the rise. With the new technologies that live-off the internet came different forms of cyber-attacks, hacks, and compromises. While most are directed at organizations, government agencies, and large companies, there are other individual-aimed cybercrimes. The most common of these individual-aimed cyber compromises is RFID theft.

RFID theft is also known as wireless (Radio Frequency) theft of money and/or identity. It's a form of cybercrime where a person's personal information gets compromised with radiofrequency mechanics. There are reports, and case studies that have been done but, as long as we continue to use wireless card methods for payment and access cards, we remain exposed to RFID theft.


  • What is Skimming?

RFID skimming is the process by which an individual or organization illegally gains access to another individual's payment information. Since the cards used nowadays have a chip in them, which allows for wireless transactions, criminals leverage it. They possess scanners that can scan the chips, just like a regular contactless system in stores would. Possession of these scanners is legal and can be easily purchased online or at electronics stores for affordable prices. Then a transaction can immediately be performed or the card information is illegally obtained and the criminals can use it to carry out fraudulent activities online.

For videos on Skimming and RFID theft you can view our Data Privacy Videos page.


  • How to protect yourself from Skimming

Many may think that they don't need such protection since they get notifications when transactions are made and can always contact the bank or credit card company to cancel the transaction, BUT we consider this is an unnecessary experience which can be easily avoided to give you the PEACE OF MIND throughout your busy or relaxed day.

There are ways to combat this, which can be very effective when handled by experts. Our team at Secured Sphere has developed products with the goal to help you protect your privacy and assets including our RFID Shielding Card. Here are some ways with which you can prevent skimming.


  • Use of aluminum foil.

The process of using aluminum foil to prevent RFID theft is known as one of the ways to provide RFID shielding. The method of shielding involves wrapping the card or your whole wallet in aluminum foil. True enough, aluminum is cheap and easily accessible in most kitchens. However, it wears and tears easily and not as user-friendly as we would like in this day and age. Additionally, the partial ineffectiveness of aluminum used was proved by informal tests that revealed limitations, especially with distance. This makes it necessary to try out other methods.


  • RFID Blocking / Shielding technology and materials

Secured Sphere was set up with the mission to specialize in developing products and materials that protect from RFID theft . Such materials for RFID blocking are used in wallets. Most of these materials function by being the faraday cage to your card. They create a shield around it, hence, preventing the infiltration of electromagnetic waves hence the transfer of any information.

Our new technology RFID shielding card is the same size and shape as your regular credit/debit card. The Card does not require a battery and contains an antenna, jamming Chip and INNOVATIVE AMPLIFIER to provide stronger and larger field of protection that will protect your wallet for a radius of 8 CM! In our tests we saw a much wider protection!

When you place our RFID Shielding Card inside your wallet you protect your cards from any skimming or theft of information. Once a scanner nearby tries to connect to your card, the RFID shielding card creates a jamming field and operating the AMPLIFIER which gives full protection even for the larger wallets, and no communication can be established.

Read more about our Shielding card on the product page.


  • Final Take

The need to secure your digital information is as necessary as installing a lock on your home door, and as technology advances this need is becoming a necessity. Secured Sphere uses innovative technology and superior materials to create minimalist products that aim to provide seamless protection your privacy. Check our Products page for more information as we are constantly updating and adding more products.

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